Josh Male just wants to get you a little wet. This maritime lover showers the competition with a flood from his aquatic arsenal. He is making it rain down pain on all those who come before his Neptunian throne. Are you truly foolish enough to believe you can soak it all up? Do you think you can make a splash and overcome his Water Type Pokemon in order to gain The Maelstrom Badge or will it be a washout?


Aaron Pic.jpg

The Stygian Badge

20170810_162220 (2).jpg

Aaron Wolfson has studied the ancient and forbidden tomes. He knows the chthonian sigils of summoning. His pacts with the baleful beings of the dark have been sealed. What antediluvian horrors await those who come before the Shadow Lord? Will you risk you and your Pokemon’s very souls by venturing forth to battle his Dark Type Pokemon for the mere chance of obtaining his anathemic Stygian Badge? Will it be worth the cost?


The Rust Badge


Bob Lydon knows the riddle of steel. He has met with Brokkr and bathed in his forge fires. He knows the secret names of the giants that dwell deep within the earth. He is brother to the Wolf and his voice is that of thunder! Do you dare stand before the Lord of Steel? Will his hammer and Steel Type Pokemon smite you or will your name ring in the vaulted halls of Valhalla as you raise the Rust Badge!

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Carlin Rieger is planting a garden. A garden of pure devastation! She is watering it with the blood of her enemies. She is fertilizing the soil with their sorrow. Do you have what it takes to best her Grass Type Pokemon and gain the coveted Succulent Badge? Or will you and your Pokemon become merely more mulch?

Paul The Flying Gym.jpg

The Plumage Badge


Paul Bonnette is a debonair man of delectable demeanor. He has little time for the dalliances of lesser men for he is the sky and the fury. He is the aviary arbiter of your eradication. You think yourself worthy to stand before the erudite lord of the seven skies and his Flying type Pokemon? Will you bring him low and claim his prized Plumage Badge or will you be merely another roustabout unfit to clean his boots?



The Honey Badge

Honey badge.jpg

Alex Pezzotta is no longer concerned with the frivolity of your human condition. Their metamorphosis is complete for they have left these long behind in favor of the singular focus of the hive. This malevolent monarch is the swarm made flesh. Their countless eyes see all who dare tread on their domain. Do you dare trespass and feign to grasp the Honey Badge? Or will you fall to the chitinous chorus of Alex’s Bug type Pokemon? Will your hollow victory even matter? For they are legion.


The Brimstone Badge

Justin Miller is a conflagrate cosmopolitan man of the world. He visited Rome in 64 AD, and in London in September of 1666, and yes he was in Tokyo in 1923. Perhaps you have seen his work? He cares not for those that burn merely that they do. He is devastation wrought in human form. Do you deign to stand before the infernal incandescent imperator and his Fire type Pokemon? Do you care so little for your safety to attempt to grasp the cursed Brimstone Badge? Can you extinguish fury made flesh or will just be more kindling for his pyre.