Philadelphia Pokemon League Rules

The Philadelphia Pokèmon League uses a unique format that is trying to emulate the gym battles seen in the Pokèmon video games. Battles are fought using the 3DS game system. 

Every month we host events throughout Philadelphia. Sign up for our FACEBOOK group to be invited to the next event or check out our Schedule page on the website for details.

Wanna challenge a Gym at one of our events? Don’t be shy! Although, Gym Leaders will require a small fee, usually a drink from the host bar, to challenge them. This is used to offset the cost of the Badges.

Gym Leaders will only be allowed to use Pokèmon of their gym's typing. Check out the Gym Leader page above to learn more about our Gym Leaders!

All games will be played in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. They will be teams of Six, normally best two out of 3, using the Single Battle System. Though, you can always ask one of the Gym Leaders if you only have the original Sun/Moon.

All Players must follow the Clause List:

Clause LIST:

Endless Battle Clause: There are some combos that can cause endless loops such as Leppa Berry + Recycle +Heal Pulse. ALL FORMS OF ENDLESS LOOPS ARE BANNED.

Species Clause: You may not have two of the same Pokèmon on your team. Pokèmon such as Rotom have several variants  although they share the same National Dex number you may use more than one of Pokèmon such as this if they are not the same variant. This variant exception will also apply to Aloha Forms in Sun and Moon. 

Item Clause: You may not have two or more Pokèmon with the same item on your team. 

Evasion Clause: A player cannot increase their Pokémon's evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. Items or indirect boosts do not break this clause.

One Hit KO Clause: You may not use any move that may result in a one hit KO such as: Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, and Guillotine. 

Sleep Clause: You may not willingly put to sleep more than two enemy Pokèmon at the same time.

Fair Fight Clause: You may not use the internet or receive aid from another player during any Gym Battle, however you may use a blank sheet of paper and a writing utensil. 

Challengers may not use any of the following two lists: Legendary Restricted and Restricted lists.

Gym Leaders, however, will be allowed to pick two Pokèmon or items from the “Legendary Restricted List” as well as one Pokèmon, item, or ability from the “Restricted List.”

Each Gym as well will be allowed two vetoed Pokèmon that apply only to their gym. Lists for each gym are listed below the two restricted lists.

Legendary Restricted List:


ALL Legendary Pokèmon: A complete list of all Legendary Pokemon can be found: HERE


Blue Orb, Red Orb, and Necrozomizim Z,


Battle Bond

Restricted List:


Lucarionite, Blazikenite, Gengarite, Metagrossite, and Salamencite.



Gym Vetoes:

Going forward each Gym will be allowed two vetoes in regards to the Pokemon people may use to challenge them. These vetoes only apply to their respective Gym. These veto lists are subject to change by digression of their respective Gym Leader, although, an announcement of any changes will be posted on the Facebook page with at least one week of notice before the next league night.

Dark Gym Vetoes:



Water Gym Vetoes:



Steel Gym Vetoes:



Grass Gym Vetoes:



Flying Gym Vetoes:

Porygon 2


Bug Gym Vetoes:



 Fire Gym Vetoes:



Dragon Gym Vetoes:



*All entries are subject to change as this is a new format we are creating.  Make sure you check this page before challenging a Gym Leader.