Pokemon Go Spooky Cup


The Philadelphia Pokemon League presents the “Pokemon Go Spooky Tournament.”  This is a double-elimination, bracket style tournament to be played in the Great League Format (Max CP per Pokemon: 1,500) within the Pokemon Go app. To be held upstairs at American Sardine Bar during our yearly Halloween Party on October 20th 2019 from 5pm -11pm


Trainers will register a team of six specific Pokémon (or their “Battle Team”) for the Spooky Tournament. Only Pokemon within the registered Battle Team may be selected for the three Pokemon party (Battle Party) to be used in battles throughout the tournament.

Registration will be open from 5pm - 7pm with the start of the Spooky Cup to be determined slightly after 7pm on the day of the event.

If any Battle Party uses a Pokemon that is not a part of the Battle Team, the offending trainer will automatically lose that round.

The Battle Team must adhere to the clauses listed below.

Clause List:

Type Clause: Registered Pokemon must be of at least one of the following typings: Ghost, Poison, Fairy, Dark, or Psychic.

Species Clause: Only one of each Pokémon species is permitted on each Battle Team.  For purposes of this tournament, different forms of the same Pokemon (such as Kanto Muk & Alolan Muk) are considered to be the same species, and thus only one can be selected for the Battle Team.

Modification Clause: Altering the Battle Team after registration begun is strictly forbidden and is grounds for immediate disqualification for the remainder of the tournament.  Altering the Battle Party includes but is not limited to:

  • Increasing the Pokemon’s CP (ie, “powering up”)

  • Using TMs to change its moveset

  • Adding a secondary charge move

  • Purifying a shadow Pokemon

  • Evolving a Pokemon

Don’t be a Dick Clause: Players are expected to act like adults at all Philadelphia Pokemon League events. That means no harassing, bullying, being a racist or a sexist, or just being a dick. We will only give you one warning about such behavior.

Restricted List:

Some of the eligible Pokemon have been determined to be Spookier than others.  In order to prevent an all-out Spookfest, each Battle Team may include at most one Pokemon from the following:

Azumarill, Cresselia, Deoxys (Defense), Deoxys (Speed), Drapion, Gardevoir, Grimer (Alolan), Haunter, Lugia, Medicham, Mew, Muk (Alolan), Sableye, Skuntank, Spiritomb, and Zweilous.


League Selection:  All battles are to be taken place within the Great League Format. (Max CP per Pokemon: 1,500)

Best 2 out of 3: For each round, trainers will battle 'best 2 out of 3 battles' to determine that round’s winner. The winner may only be determined through the normal progress of the game in play.  In the case of disputes, the in-game journal will be used. Trainers may not collude to report outcomes not achieved in battle.

Public Battle Sheets: At the start of each round, Trainers will exchange Public Battle Team sheets with each other.  At the end of each round, trainers will return the Public Battle Team sheet to the original trainer.

Charge Move Priority: If requested by either trainer, a “priority coin toss” will be performed to decide which trainer receives Charge Move Priority (CMP) for the first battle.  In the initial battle (ie, when one trainer scans and sends an invite), the trainer who clicks “Use this party” second will receive CMP by the game.

The loser of the first battle will have CMP for the second battle.  In battles initiated via the Rematch button, the trainer who clicks “Use this party” First will receive CMP by the game.  If a third battle is necessary, the loser of the second battle will have CMP for the third battle.  In battles initiated via the Rematch button, the trainer who clicks “Use this party” first will receive CMP by the game.

Should a technical issues result in a re-match for a battle, CMP will remain unchanged.

Ties: If a battle ends in a draw (i.e. both journal entries show a tie, or both show a loss), a new battle must occur until a battle is won. Battles that time-out via the in-game timer do not constitute a draw; in this scenario, the winner is determined by the journal entries of the competitors.

Technical Issues: If a trainer experience significant technical issues, they should immediately notify their opponent. If both trainers mutually agree this technical issue significantly impacted the outcome of a match, a re-match of the battle will be triggered.  In a re-match, the same Battle Party & lead Pokémon must be selected by both trainers.

Disputed Results: If opponents do not agree on the outcome of a battle, journal entries (and, if available, any available video evidence) will be reviewed by a Tournament Administrator to determine the match outcome.

Referees: You may call a tournament organizer at any time just raise your hand.

All decisions made by the tournament organizers are final and not up for further dispute.